Thursday, April 5, 2012

Been A Busy Little Bee

Well I figure the time would get away from me before I knew it. Here it is April and I am just getting around to posting. 
I have been sitting at softball fields everynight for the last 2 months. My daughter plays for the school team and loves it. I love it to but to be honest I am so behind on house work and laundry and spring cleaning that I am not sure that I will ever catch up.

 In my last post I remember telling you that we were headed up to Fall Creek Falls for our Anniversary. We went and it was a  beautiful place. We really did enjoy our stay.

Fall Creek Falls was just beautiful. The Falls were so pretty. Altho this lady is out of shape, it did take me awhile to get down to the bottom of the falls and getting back up to the top was three times as hard as getting back up to the top.

Above is some pictures of my daughter playing softball. She has gotten really good at bunting and I just snap the picture above at the perfect time.  We have 6 more days and 1 more tournament to go to and this years softball will be winding down. We will miss it  but we are looking forward to some rest and also looking forward to attending some softball camps this summer.

I hope everyone is enjoying these beautiful spring days. Easter is just about here and I hope that you enjoy hunting eggs with your kiddos.   We will be enjoying worshipping God Sunday morning , then we will be eating lunch with family sunday evening. Our kids are older now and don't care to hunt eggs anymore so if you stilll have young kids, be sure and enjoy those times when they are young. They grow up so fast.

God Bless
The Fullers

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