Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wow, It is Already February

Funny how time gets away from you. My goal this year was to atleast post once or twice a week to my blog and keep it updated and so far I have failed at doing that.

What has been going on with the Fullers this year. Well life in general is busy. Work for one thing and then it is softball season and my daughter has made the JV team again this year and she is loving ever minute of it.

Monday night it is meet the team night and then they are going to play a game against each other. Should be interesting to see. Last year was interesting, in that the parents would get so mad at these kids out there playing and would just scream and hollow at them. It was just awlful. Then there would be grandparents or relatives that would scream and talk about other kids on the team while they were up there playing. Other parents would have to bite their tongue or if they didn't there would be words exchange between these people.  So when I say it should be a interesting season. It really should be.

My son is starting a new job in a few weeks. He hopefully will be finish with college in about a year and half and then can get a job  in the field that he is going to college for. The job he is taking now is just a part time job. One to give him money and to help with gas and for him to spend on his girlfriend.

My sweet and wonderful husband and I will celebrate our 23 wedding anniversay next month. We are going to go out of town for a few days while my parents come and stay here with the kids. Altho they think they are to old to have someone stay with them, but mom put her foot down and said I don't want you along and I need someone to be sure and cook meals for you. So my sweet mom is coming to fill in for me.

We have acquired a new dog. A very loveable yellow lab puppy. She is just precious. Her name is Zoey. We put up an invisible fence in our back yard even tho we have a wood fence all the way around our back yard. Our last dog, sweet bandit, got out and got run over by a car and killed. We didn't want this for our sweet Zoey. So we installed the invisible fence and it is working perfect. She knows her bounderys and if she trys to go beyond that she will know that she can't.  She has a 1/2 acre to run. So plenty of room to run and play.

Well I think that catches up on our live so far. I will try to do better at updating my blog. Can't believe that it is nearly the end of February already. Unbelieveable.

God Bless
The Fullers