Thursday, December 22, 2011

Chocolate Chip Cookies and Christmas Decor

Well, I guess you can tell that I have been gone for a few days. Like usual the holidays are a very busy time for the Fuller household. All the decorating, cooking, visiting and then add work on top of that, leaves me just drained by the end of the day. I had 2 jewerly partys to go to on top of that but only manage to get to 1.

Tonight my hubby and daughter did some cooking and made Chocolate chip cookies.  They look absolutely delicious. They turned out so good. She did a good job baking them.
Thought I would tease you with a pic.

I have done lots of baking this christmas season. I have loved every minute of it. I have manage to make 8 or 9 batches of pecan brittle, 3 batches of white chocolate fudge, 2 pans of peanut butter fudge. Some peanut butter cookies, crock pot candy and some Marys balls best candy.  My husband made his white almond bark candy and tomorrow I am making oatmeal lace cookies. PHEW, I am tired just reading all of this, hehe. I think I may have gain a few pound in the process to.

This is one thing I love about the holidays is all the baking. I love to bake and I love to bake with the ones that I love. I am not that thrilled this year with decorating tho. Now sure why, but his year I just wasn't in the mood to decorate. I left it mostly up to my kids to do the tree and my hubby did the garland around the front door and I stuck with the decor in the kitchen.

I thought I was thru with all my christmas shopping but I went to wrap my presents for my sister and I figured out I didn't have hers, uuuggghh. I could just scream. I do not want to get back out in that madness again but it looks like I am going to have to.  I know exactly what I want to buy her and the store opens at 7am so I plan on hopefully be there when they open and be back home by 8am and hopefully miss most of the crowd.

I also wanted to show you our  NEW PRECIOUS PUPPY.We have a new golden yellow lab. Her name is Zoey and let me tell you she is a pistol ball. She has mangae to chew a hole in my laundry room wall, chew up 2 of my mops and chew up 7 sponges and 1 ping pong ball. She ripped my daughters shirt and chewed up my sons laptop cable and earphones. The cable cost 85.00 to replace.  Lets to say she loves to Chew.
Here is sweet and mischievous Zoey

That picture was taking when she was 7 weeks old, she is now 10 weeks old and a live wire,lolo.  We love her dearly and spoil her unbelieveable. She already had a christmas stocking.

Sorry for this long post but hope you stuck around to read it all.  I hope that you have finish your shopping and you can now enjoy your family and the rest of the Holiday Season.

God Bless
The Fullers

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