Monday, July 4, 2011

Vacation 2011

I was really looking forward to this years vacation to the beach. It was going to a wonderful 9 day, 8 night of pure bliss, or so I thought. Sometimes God has other things in store for us and we just don't know it. Something it is just to remind us that we are very bless indeed and to remind us to count our blessings for what we have.
Our vacation started off great, we actually got off on time, like I wanted to. We headed to Gulf shores and made plans to stay at Gulf State Park. We have a travel trailer and love to stay in it. We love to camp. So the 8 hour trip down there was great, enjoyed the time with hubby and my mother and daughter. My son was coming in the following Monday, he had to work.
Got 30 minutes out and notice this huge thing of smoke in the sky. Hubby said that a industry plant must be on fire cause it was huge. The closer we got to the park the closer we got to the fire. We were getting worried. So we pulled into the park and I go to check us in and the lady was so nice but she informed me that there was a fire at the back of the park. Someone has threw out their ashes from where they had grilled and it caughted the nearby woods on fire . This was around 2pm when we got there and it had started she said around 12pm. She said they were asking the campers to leave and go to another spot that were close to that back spot but if we got a spot close to the front it would be fine, they should get it out soon.
 So we go set up camp and the whole time my stomach it just kept  getting in knots cause  the fire it  is just getting worse looking and bigger. So we decided not to fully sit up camp, just do what we have to do. So that night we stay but with a very uneasy feeling cause the fire has grown to burning over 200 acres, not in the camp but on the back side of the park site. The next day it is the same still burning but getting bigger. So they call in helicopters , several to start dropping water on it to help put it out. No luck it still growing. Before it is all said and done it grew to well over 700 acres that is burned. A chinook helicopter was called it to help along with 3 other one.
We went and spend 3 nights in a hotel for the fear of smoke. One evening a thunderstorm came up and blew the smoke into the park so bad that you couldn't see your hand infront of your face. We or should I say I paniced and we made our way to our vehicle and got out of there. That is when we decided that we would spend several night at a hotel.

So I say all of that to say this. You just never know how your vacation is going to go. I count my blessing that no one was hurt in that fire. I count my blessing that I have my family along side me to be able to have a vacation. I love them very very much.

So I leave you  a picture overload of our vacation. We enjoyed our time with each other and our time at the beach. I would do it all over again, but would just hope that next time there is no wildfire.

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