Sunday, July 10, 2011

Our Sweet Animals

I just had to share a picture of our sweet dog and our cat. We had a thunderstorm tonight and our beagle was at the back door whining. So I let him in and got his bed out for him to lay on. He was in the kitchen with me while I was making Tea. Well he got to whining loud and I couldn't figure out what was wrong. But everytime it would lighting outside he was get really scared and whine. So I got a blanket and covered him up and he looked so sweet that I just had to snap a pic. I didn't realized just as I snapped a pic our cat came around the corner.  Just to cute. I can't just imagine what was going thru out cats mine, what was she thinking. (Why is that dog covered up), or ( why is he whining), or (what is he doing in here). hehe. We just love our animals, they are so spoiled.
Notice our sweet Cat, Callie in the background.

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