Sunday, July 31, 2011

Beautiful Summers Day

Today has been a hot but beautiful Sunday. I enjoy church this morning and praising the Lord. Sunday evening are usually low key after church. I usually take a nap or find a good book to read. But today I did a little shoppping and came home and watered my flowers and this sweet little butterfly just kept flying around several of my flowering bushes.

It was just the prettiest yellow color.I love capturing God beautiful little creatures in pictures. As a little girl I use to try and catch them , until I learned that your not suppose to touch a butterfly.

Yesterday we cut our first real picking of the Okra. Yuummmy. I love Okra. I have got to get most of it in the freezer because I have to pick it again tomorrow. EEEgggg.
We also picked tomatoes and our Butter Beans will be ready some time this week to. But I dread picking them, it is suppose to be in the upper 90's all week. Talk about hot. I may wait until nearly dark to pick them and only do one roll a day. I have 4 rolls to pick.

I sure hope that your Sunday has been one that you praised God for his bountiful blessing and I hope that you have a wonderful week this week.

God Bless
The Fullers

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