Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tornadoes just 1/2 mile away

Last Wednesday will be a day that I will never forget. You see I live in Al and  the weather was just horrible all day Wednesday. It started around 4:30am. The tornadoes siren started going off. I was awake from then on. From 4:30am to 5:45am the tornadoes sirens went off 4 times.

They finally calm down and I was able to get ready for work. They delayed schools for an hour. My son was off work that day as was able to take my daughter to school. They were there only 30 minutes and they were already loading them back on the bus. The sirens were going off so they waited. My son picked her back up and they came home and went to the storm shelter next door. They were there most of the day while hubby and I was at work.

While I was at work we went to the storm shelter 3 times. One tornado touch down right close to where I was working. We were finally told to go home. I was home maybe and hour and  was watching the new and the weather man reported that a F4 was headed our way.

I get on the phone to my husband and was just shaking and asking him where he was at. He was pulling in the drive way. Told him there was a F4 headed our way, he told me to hit the closet with our daughter, he was coming. He came and got in the closet and watch the weather on his phone. He said that it is going about 1/2 mile from here. So he goes to the back door and tells me to come look.

It is a sight I will never forget. I watch  and saw the F4 go by just about a 1/2 mile from our home. I dont' think I have ever shook so hard and been so scared. And then 5 minutes later another formed and went over and we saw that one to.

As it was going over plywood, boards, tin, insulation, paper, you name it , it was falling from the sky. When you see all of this, it is a feeling you just can't describe.

We have been to help the vicitms and it is just heartbreaking. Please remember all the victims in your thoughts and prayers. They will need them in the coming days and weeks.

Sorry this post is so long.

May God richly bless you this week. Remember tell you love ones that you love them and tell them just what they mean to you.

God Bless
The Fullers

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