Monday, April 11, 2011

Day Off and Enjoyed Visiting

It is spring break this week for my daughter and she is one happy girl. I took 2 days off work so I could spend some time with her and we had a wonderful day today. We went and spent the day with my mom. It was like a blast from the past,lol.

Let me explain. We were outside enjoying the beautiful weather and we got to talking and she mention this old house that is still standing in her community. She grew up knowing the gentlemen that own the house. Her mother and dad were very close friend with him. It is the oldest house around and it is dated back from the world war 1. The soldiers hid in the house and my mom couldn't remember the story that was told to her why they were hiding there.

We went back to the house to take picture of it. The old well house is still standing. My daugher and I took picture of the house and the well house . I am going to send it to my Mother in Law. She take pictures and draws them into portraits. She does beautiful work.

My mother told me about all the time they picked cotton and had a garden around the fields there. We just had a wonderful day talking about the past today. I love it when  I get the chance to spend the day with the people I love.

Tomorrow we are going to hit the movies and go shopping for some Easter outfits.  I hope that your having a wonderful week and if it is your spring break, I hope it is going super great for you.

God Bless
The Fullers

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