Friday, February 11, 2011

Our Sweet Cat Callie

Just wanted to share out sweet cats pic with you today and tell you a little about her.
You can say she is one spoil cat. We love her dearly. I was sitting tonight in the kitchen on one of the stools and I looked over and she had crawled over and curled up and went to sleep on the other one.

She thinks most of the time if I am home she has to be close to me. I just love it. She sleeps at my feet at night. Some night she gets a little wild and thinks that she has to run at 2 or 3 in the morning and then she will jump on the bed. She usually wakes me or hubby up when she does that.  If it is hubby he usually isn't very happy with her,lolo.

She is just the sweeties cat ever. Once she knows you that is. If she doesn't know you than she usually stays away. Loves her little stuff mouse to play with and loves anything soft to lay on.

She came to us in a funny way. We had try having a dog for my daughter that was just hers. But after 3 try's and all 3 of them had died, we decided on a kitten.  The first dog the lady we purchase it from said it had all it shots and we got it home and 2 days later it got sick and we took it to the vet and it had parvo(sp). The vet said that it hadn't had the shots.  The other 2 dogs they dug their way out of our back yard and got hit by a car .

So we decided that fate was telling us to try a sweet kitty. So we found an ad for free kitten to be given away and we went and my daughter picked  her out and name her Callie.

She had been the best Cat and just so sweet. She is an inside cat. We figure we would have better luck with her inside than we had outside and she isn't any trouble at all.

I hope everyone is enjoying there sweet pets this winter and keeping them warm.

Have a wonderful weekend.

God Bless
The Fullers

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