Sunday, February 13, 2011


Fire is a scarey thing. You can't control it and it can take away everything that means the world to you.

I was in the kitchen making Chocolate covered pretzel to take to work tomorrow when my daughter runs in and yells that the field  behind our house in our fire.

I was calm for a few minutes and said NO it isn't and then I looked out the window and saw the flames.

We have a wooden fence all the way around our back yard and the flames were taller than our fence. My heart just dropped.

I was shaken so bad. My daughter grabbed the hose pipe in the front yard and my husband ran out the back door with me following him.

I ran to the fence and all our neighbors were fighting the fire in their our yard trying to keep it out of their yards. We got the  hose pipe hooked up and started wetting our fence to keep it out of our yard. Because if it got to your fence, Our fence comes right up to your house.

Needless to say I was in a panic so was my husband and daughter.

Finally 2 different fire departments showed up and started putting the fire out.  The fire got within maybe 2 or 3 feet of our fence before they got it out.

I hate fire, sorry I know that is a strong word, but It destorys everything it touches.

My daughter was so shaken up that I had a hard time calming her down. She was so scared it was going to get to our house. So was I.

It has been over an hour that this happen and I am still so upset that came so close to us.

I know 2 different volunteer fire departments that will be getting thank you cards from this family.  We are forever grateful to them from the bottom of our heart.

If your still reading this post , thanks for listing to me talking. I just had to get it out, hoping that it will  make me feel some what better .

I hope that your Sunday is going better than mine is today.

God Bless
The Fuller

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