Thursday, February 24, 2011

My 100th Post and Faith and Trusting in God

Wow, I cant believe this is my 100th post to this blog. I cant believe that I actually made it this far,lolo.

I have enjoyed posting our family's good times and  just a little about our lives.Thanks for reading this blog with me.

I wanted to share a little something with you. The other day , Wednesday at work, I was very nervous about doing this program that I had to do. I had to fill in for this other lady that was going to be out of town. She normally does the program but ask me to fill in for her.

So I said yes and set out getting prepared. This is a tough crowd to do a program in front of so that is what make me so nervous.  Wednesday came and before I even got out of my car that morning at work I ask God to please calm my fear and take it all away. I ask him to please help me give all my fears to him and to help me with this program.

I have to tell you it went great. The program started and it was just like all my nervouseness just vanish and I just went with the flow. I  knew exactly what to say and the crowd enjoyed it. I even had one Mother to tell me Thanks and that I did a good job.

As soon as the program ended and I was able to get a few minutes by myself I thank God for answering my prayers. For taking all my fears away and for helping me remain calm.

I hope that if you have fear in your life today or if your nervous about something, know that you can give it all to God and he will calm your fears and help you with all your troubles.

My daughter and I have started studing in Daniel and we love it. My husband and son are studing the books of Ezra  thru Job.

I hope that you will open Gods word today and study it, study it everyday and apply it to your life. You will truly be blessed.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week.

God Bless
 The Fullers

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Day Off

It is so nice to have a day off work. It was a very long weekend.

As in my earlier post I was headed to see my nephews girlfriend. She had open heart surgery this past Thursday. She is doing very good. She looked really good compared to what she just went thru.

She was still in CICU unit when we left to come home late yesterday evening, but  got word today that she is now in a step down room. Which is just wonderful.

Just  amazes me how powerful Prayer is. Our God is an awesome God.

Today has been a very busy day here. After been gone all weekend, house cleaning is in order. Laundry, mopping, dusting, vacuum and just all around cleaning.

Tonight I am headed to a lecture that I have to attend for work. Should be interesting. I am not a fan at all with the subject or books that he will be lecturing about but non the less it should be interesting to see what he has to say.

I hope everyone's week has started out great. Please continue in pray for the lady that I work with. I was unable to attend the funeral yesterday , due to being out of town. But I know she needs all the prayers  that you can send up for her.

Hope you have a wonderful week.

God Bless
The Fullers

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Open Heart Surgery

Just the mention of those words makes me cringe. My dad went thru this 12 years ago and is still with us today thanks to some very good doctors.

Today I am asking prayers for a very sweet young lady. My nephew's girlfriend, soon to be wife, had open heart surgery this past thursday. She is only 24 years old. That along just blows my mind. To be so young and to have this kind of major surgery done.

She is doing as well as expected. She will have a long road ahead of her but with prayers I know she can fully recover from this.

Also I ask that you pray for a dear friend of mine that I work with. She lost her husband yesterday. He had a very bad car accident a week ago this past Thursday and wasn't able to recover from it.  She only has her children here that are family. All of her family live out of the country.

My heart has been so heavy for her since I heard the news of his accident. Please lift her up in pray that God will give her comfort and peace.

May we each day thank God for all the Many blessing that he has giving us. I know I for one am at fault in not doing that.

Cherish you love ones in your life and be sure and tell them each and every day that YOU LOVE THEM.

God Bless
The Fullers

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Fire is a scarey thing. You can't control it and it can take away everything that means the world to you.

I was in the kitchen making Chocolate covered pretzel to take to work tomorrow when my daughter runs in and yells that the field  behind our house in our fire.

I was calm for a few minutes and said NO it isn't and then I looked out the window and saw the flames.

We have a wooden fence all the way around our back yard and the flames were taller than our fence. My heart just dropped.

I was shaken so bad. My daughter grabbed the hose pipe in the front yard and my husband ran out the back door with me following him.

I ran to the fence and all our neighbors were fighting the fire in their our yard trying to keep it out of their yards. We got the  hose pipe hooked up and started wetting our fence to keep it out of our yard. Because if it got to your fence, Our fence comes right up to your house.

Needless to say I was in a panic so was my husband and daughter.

Finally 2 different fire departments showed up and started putting the fire out.  The fire got within maybe 2 or 3 feet of our fence before they got it out.

I hate fire, sorry I know that is a strong word, but It destorys everything it touches.

My daughter was so shaken up that I had a hard time calming her down. She was so scared it was going to get to our house. So was I.

It has been over an hour that this happen and I am still so upset that came so close to us.

I know 2 different volunteer fire departments that will be getting thank you cards from this family.  We are forever grateful to them from the bottom of our heart.

If your still reading this post , thanks for listing to me talking. I just had to get it out, hoping that it will  make me feel some what better .

I hope that your Sunday is going better than mine is today.

God Bless
The Fuller

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ready for the Valentine Banquet

Well tonight is the night for the valentine Banquet.  My daughter was ask to go to a Church Valentine Banquet by a very sweet boy. We know his parent and they are a very good christian family. We are very excited for her.

She is holding the teddy bear and candy that she is giving to the boy that ask her to go. Since it is a church banquet they will be doing church activities . She is so excited,hince the very big smile on her face,lolo.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. It is gorgeous this weeknd here.

God Bless
 The Fullers

Friday, February 11, 2011

Our Sweet Cat Callie

Just wanted to share out sweet cats pic with you today and tell you a little about her.
You can say she is one spoil cat. We love her dearly. I was sitting tonight in the kitchen on one of the stools and I looked over and she had crawled over and curled up and went to sleep on the other one.

She thinks most of the time if I am home she has to be close to me. I just love it. She sleeps at my feet at night. Some night she gets a little wild and thinks that she has to run at 2 or 3 in the morning and then she will jump on the bed. She usually wakes me or hubby up when she does that.  If it is hubby he usually isn't very happy with her,lolo.

She is just the sweeties cat ever. Once she knows you that is. If she doesn't know you than she usually stays away. Loves her little stuff mouse to play with and loves anything soft to lay on.

She came to us in a funny way. We had try having a dog for my daughter that was just hers. But after 3 try's and all 3 of them had died, we decided on a kitten.  The first dog the lady we purchase it from said it had all it shots and we got it home and 2 days later it got sick and we took it to the vet and it had parvo(sp). The vet said that it hadn't had the shots.  The other 2 dogs they dug their way out of our back yard and got hit by a car .

So we decided that fate was telling us to try a sweet kitty. So we found an ad for free kitten to be given away and we went and my daughter picked  her out and name her Callie.

She had been the best Cat and just so sweet. She is an inside cat. We figure we would have better luck with her inside than we had outside and she isn't any trouble at all.

I hope everyone is enjoying there sweet pets this winter and keeping them warm.

Have a wonderful weekend.

God Bless
The Fullers

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow, Snow, Snow

We got Snow again, I am excited, yippppeee.

They are calling for 2 to 3 inches. I know that may not seem like much to most of you especially to those of you that got 20 inches today. But I can handle 3 inches compared to 20 inches.

It is just beautiful.  I will hopefully get some pic tomorrow.  It started snowing around 5:45 tonight and we were leaving for church at 6:15 so I didn't get any pic taken.

I hope that everyone that is enduring all that snow up north, that your staying safe. My thougths and prayers are with you.

God Bless
 The Fullers

Saturday, February 5, 2011

February and It is So Cold

I am so ready for winter to be over with. Friday of this week, the high for that day is 18 degrees. I think I will just stay under the warm covers and try to keep warm. The low may just  be in the single digits. BRRRRRRRRR.

Ok enought about the cold. My post tonight is about Food. I want to ask you do you plan your meal for the week. I so want to do this.

I work each day of the week and every night I hear the same question, WHATS FOR SUPPER? I get so tired of hearing this.   I have looked online for meal plans but can't seem to find anything.

So my question to you is, do you plan your weekly meals. If so do you find them online or do you do the same thing every week. I would like to do something different week by week.

If you do this does it make Grocery shopping easier?  I would think if you knew what your cooking each night than you would know exactly what to buy.

I can't wait to hear what everyone says.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

God Bless
 The Fullers