Saturday, January 15, 2011

Her First Make-up Makeover

Today was special for my daughter. She wanted to go and get her first Make-up Makeover. I had told her several weeks ago  that if she accomplished a goal that I set for her that I would take her.

We headed out this morning to Merle Normans. The lady was so nice and didn't try to sell us everything in the store. I told her that we were there to get the right color of foundation  for my daughter. That this is her first time to try on makeup.

The lady was so nice and try several different colors to make sure we got the right color. Not to dark and not to light. Just perfect.

We  left  and went and picked up a few other items we needed and then came home. I told her if she wanted she could clean her face and I would totally redo her makeup for her and we would try a little eyeshadow and a little blush and a little lip gloss.

I would not let the lady in the store put those items on her. You see my daughter is only 12 years old and I feel does not need all of that stuff to make her beautiful. She is just beautiful the way she is. But she wanted to see what it looked like with everything on beside just foundation.

So we did the works at home and I just nearly cryed. My daughter is beautiful with or without makeup but with makeup she looks so grown up and more beautiful. And it really hit me that she will be a teenage very very soon .

She just melts my heart with her beautiful smile and her personality.
I love you my Mea. I enjoyed our day together. 

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. Our Snow is beginning to melt. Yipppee.  I am so looking forward to summer time and the temps reaching 85 to 90 degrees.lolo.

God Bless
The Fullers 

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