Monday, January 3, 2011

Headache, No Water at Work and Just Annoyed

Ever had one of those days. Today started at as one of those days. As I sit here typing this, the TV in the kitchen is so loud and No one is watching it and the dishwashing is going and you can hear it and I have the worst HEADACHE. UUUUGGGH.

 The Tv in the living room is on and no one is watching it either, but for some reason everyone thinks you have to have every Tv in the house on. Why, I don't know,lolo.

Ok Sorry, didn't mean for my post today to start out as a gripe, but I guess that is just the mood I am in today.

The good part so far today is that I was able to get off work early today. The whole city was having water problems so it shut down our work place and we got off work early today. I did enjoy that.

But for some reason today everything is just annoying me, I have the worst Headache that I just can't seem to shake today.

I sure hope that your Week has started off better than mine. Here hoping that tomorrow is a better day for everyone.

God Bless
 The Fullers

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