Thursday, December 23, 2010

Gingerbread Houses

Well we got our Gingerbread houses made this evening. We had a wonderful time together. Lots of laugh. It was a bittersweet time together to. My dear sweet friend just lost her dad last week. He was such a sweet man. A very faithful Christian man. I look forward to seeing him again some day. She was blessed to be able to keep him at her house his last few days and be with him. Those are memories that she will never ever forget.

My thougths and prayers are with everyone that is hurting this Holiday Season. My God wrap his love around you and give you his comfort and peace that you need. I hope that you will seek his love and live for him each and every day.

My friend and I and my daughter and her adopted daughter had a wonderful time this evening. I love doing this each Christmas season. Altho I have to tell you on the way home our houses fell apart. It was so funny. My daughter and I were talking and she looked back in the back seat and the Gingerbread houses were  in pieces,lolo. It was hilirous. She sent a pic to her friend that we made the houses with and said there was a  Gingerbread earthquake on our way home,lolo.

Anyway here are a few pic I wanted to share. Hope you are having a wonderful evening. I know that I am looking forward to my time off from work. I get the next 10 day off  and I am going to hopefully enjoy every minute of it.

This is Lara's Gingerbread house that she is working on. 

My dear sweet friend Lara

Her Beautiful Daughter Brianna

My Beautiful Daughter Maleah

Two Goofy Girls with Icing on their hands.

Have to share about the glasses they were wearing. They went to see the movie about Yogi Bear today and it was in 3D so they kept the glasses, lolo and I told them they need to wear them all the time, that the boys sure wouldn't loook at them with them glasses on.

God Bless
 The Fullers

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