Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Is Almost Here

Can you say that your finish. Is all the present Wrapped an under the tree. Is all the holiday baking done. In my house the answer is NO NO NO. The  shopping isn't done, The baking isn't finish and the gift are not wrapped and under the tree.

I am so behind this holiday season. The last few days I have been no sick. Yesterday I was in bed all day and it only put me so much more behind. These last few day has just been misable. I think my gallbladder is acting up. Just what I need here at Christmas time.

Sorry about the whining. It is just that I need a few little Elfs to come and finish everything that needs to be done cause this lady just doesn't feel like doing it.

Ok on a brighter note,lolo. My daughter and I made A Gingerbread Village today. I just couldn't say No to those beautiful eyes when she aske me to make it with her today. And it is our Tradition to make Gingerbread Houses every year and I LOVE IT, every minute of it. I even promise to find the time to make out own Gingerbread House and bake it ourself. These were just premade and we decorated them ourself.
I think they turned out great and that she did and excellent job on hers. Great job Maleah. I had a wonderful time sweetheart. 

Ok, please say a pray that this gal gets to feeling better and can get everything done before Christmas gets here.

I hope that you and yours are enjoy every minute of this holiday season and that your making lots and lots of wonderful memories with your precious loved ones.

God Bless
 The Fullers

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