Wednesday, December 22, 2010


It is a mad house out there. Trying to fight those shopping crowds. I say every year that I am not going to wait to the last minute but alas I have done it again.  What is a working lady to do but tighting her belt and get it done.lolo

I have fought those crowds for the last 3 days . I get off of work and head out and I can only stand it for a hour or two then I head home. Telling myself that this is it, I will not be back out tomorrow in this mad house, but I always think of something else that I forgot and So guess what, I am afraid that tomorrow after work I will have to hit the mall again.

That is after I get thru making Gingerbread houses again. I am so excited. It is a tradition with one of my good friends , that we get together every year and we make Gingerbread houses. We just have a good time. Can't wait to share pics.

I hope you have your family are enjoying the Holidays.

God Bless
The Fullers

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