Saturday, November 13, 2010

Attended Craft Show Today

This Weekend we attended a craft show. My husband and mother attend the show with me. We left out around 8:30 in the morning and arrived around 10:30am. Not that long of a drive. Well needless to say we like to have never found a parking space. It was packed.

Then we get inside and it was the same way. Unbelieveable. It was so packed it was awlful. I got frustrated as soon as I walked in the door. We just got walked in the door good and was already getting runned over and elbowed. I wanted to turn around and walk out but I had payed for a ticket to get in and I wasn't about to walk out.

We walking 4 exhibit Halls I believe or it may have been more and I bet you there was well over 4 or 5000 people there. NO KIDDING. The exhibit halls are Not that big either, that is why it was so awlful to try and get around. You couldn't even get up to the booth most of the times to see what people had for sale.

AND ANOTHER THING THAT GRIPES ME, is people with strollers and those crazy carts. If we got hit and run over by strollers and carts one more time all 3 of us was going to turn around and bless someone out. I promise you we were constantly been hit by a stroller or a elbow or a cart that someone was pulling around.  This one lady hit my husband 8 times before he could get out of her way.

So Needless to say I WILL NOT BE GOING TO ANOTHER CRAFT SHOW again for along time.lololo.   I will just enjoy my peaceful Saturday at home.

I hope that your Saturday has been more peaceful and relaxed than mine.

The Fullers

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