Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Our Nightly Vistor

I just had to show you a picture of our nightly vistor that keeps returning.
He is so so cute and so tiny. We have seen him every night on our french doors for the last 3 weeks or longer.

The other night I was our in our back yard and was cleaning up our puppys kennel and getting it ready for the night and didn't realize it but the sweet little frog had hopped on the kennnel for a ride.lolo.  I didn't know it until we got into the garage and I was putting newpaper down incase the puppy had an accident and I looked up and there were these big eye looking at me,well they were big to me,hehe. Anyway, I hope he hangs around for awhile. Cause my daughter and I have got use to seeing him everynight and we kind of enjoy looking at him.

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