Friday, July 16, 2010

O to be young Again

My daughter is having 2 of her best friend from church over to spend the night. They are having the best time, laughing and talking and telling girl secrets. I remember when I was that young and I would have spend the night party with my friends. I loved every minute of it. It makes me wish that I could just jump right in there with them, haha.

 But she doesn't want mom around , mom is old to her,haha. I'm not cool or hip I guess you could say. I love it when I hear  them laughing and running down the hall way.  I am glad that she is having so much fun and making wonderful memories.

I have wonderful memories with my best friends from school. I still remember the nights we stayed awake at night and told stories of the boys we were going to date and the one we were going to marry.haha.

O to be young again.lolo

I hope you are making  wonderful memories with your children or grand childrens that you can look back on one day and laugh or smile about.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

God bless
 The Fullers

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