Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Where does the time go

Well Cyc has come and went and it was so Cold in Gatlinburg. We heard some really good speakers and some excellent singing. Wow, what will heaven be like when we all get there. I can't imaging.

We finally made it around 12:30am on Friday morning and then had to go to Wal-marts to pick up some food to have at the cabins.That made us getting into bed around 3:30am Friday morning. We did get to sleep in late, but we were still very tired that morning.

When we got there it was snow on the ground, it was so pretty. The kids really did enjoy every moment of the trip. This is a picture of all the young kids from our church that went. They are truly awesome.
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We went up to Ober Gatlinburg on Friday and some of them Ice Skated and some of them Tubed down the hill of snow. It was so much fun. COLD but fun.

The best part about the trip was growing closer to God. We heard some excellent lessons and the singing was wonderful. I have one song stuck in my head all day today.


We got snow last night and nearly all day today. I can't believe it. When will spring get here, I am so ready for it. This picture is of our dog this morning laying in the snow. She is so pretty, she is solid black and looks so neat up against all that black snow. We got about 4 inches by the time it was all over with.
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I hope that you guys have a wonderful week this week and stay warm.  Believe it or not they are saying by this weekend it is suppose to be in the 60's here. Yippeeee.

God Bless
 The Fullers

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