Friday, February 5, 2010

Very Sad Day for Local School

At one of our local school, a 9th grader took another 9th graders life. He took a gun to school and shot him. I don't understand it. I just don't understand it. 2 kids whoses lifes are destroyed. One will never be able to go home again and the other one will most likely be in jail for a very long time.

 So many kids are affected by this. So many kids saw this. I am sure in the coming days we will learn why this kid did what he did, but we will really never fully understand

I can't imagine the lose that family is feeling tonight. My heart goes out to them. They will never get to see their son play ball again, or bring home another report card, or to hear Mom, I love you. I hope and pray that they can hold close to the wonderful memories that they had created with their son. All the wonderful smiles and all the happy times they had with him.

 Please tell your loved ones that you Love them, that you cherish them. Most of all, take time to talk to your kids and if there is anything bothering them, ask them to talk about it. Make sure you know your kids inside and out. Spend time with them and love them.

My thougths and prayers are with the family that lost a 9th grader tonight to death. My thougths and prayers are with the family that still has a 9th grader but has lost him along the way to something . My pray is that they can stand by him and help him in his time of trouble and get him the much needed help he needs. I know it will be a long road ahead but Lean on God and he will be with you all the way.

Please everyone love your children, spend time with them and cherish them.

God Bless
 The Fullers

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