Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wednesday Night Church

Good Evening. Just wanted to update you a few minutes and share some pics with you. We had the honor of having our sons girlfiend over for supper before church tonight. Hubby made his delicious pancakes (yes we like breakfast food for supper, every once in awhile). It was a change. I get tired of having the same o same o. We are still looking forward to Snow tomorrrow. Some schools are closed in anticipation of the snow. Can't say that I blame them one bit. I wish and hope that I can stay home tomorrow to. I really do not want to go out if it is even one bit of ice on the road. I am scared to drive in it. So keep your fingers crossed that we get knee deep in snow and can enjoy it for awhile.

Here are the pic I wanted to share. It is of my son and his beautiful girlfriend. They are such a sweet couple.

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