Friday, January 29, 2010

TGIF and one sick little girl

Well I am so glad that it is Friday, as the old saying goes TFIG(Thanks Goodness Its Friday). It has seem like a very long week . Yesterday I got a call from school that my daugher was in the nurses station and that she wasn't feeling good. I immediately went and picked her up. That morning she had told me that her throat was sore and her nose was running. So I gave her some meds and asked her did she want to stay home and she said no she wanted to go to school.
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Well needless to say, we ended up back home within 2 hours of school starting. No fever until last night. Very sore throat and just feeling achey all over. Last night was just misable for her. This morning she ended up getting up at 6am , throwing up and with a very high fever. WE have been in the tub to get the fever down and have taking meds and eating jello(yuumm).

So hopefully when the Doctor's office opens up at 9am they will be able to works us in quick. I just can't stand to see my kids sick. They are my life .

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. WE will be nursing our beautiful daughter back to feeling good.

God Bless
The Fullers

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