Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Cellphones Makes for happy Kids

Aww to be so young again. Something as simple as a Cell Phone can make a 11 year old so happy. We started her off with a Pay as you Go phone and that worked out good for awhile. But they are not as cheap as they use to be when my son was younger. It worked out great with upgrading our phone to just add her to our phone plan. So I have one happy 11 year old tonight.

The weather got a little scary for our neighbors in Huntsville. A tornado touch down tonight and I understand that so far that only minor damage has been done and that no one was seriously hurt. Thank Goodness. I do not like Tornados.

Well the stomach bug has hit our house. Hubby came down with it last night and has been sick every since. I happily passed up sleeping in our bed last night and plan on sleeping with our daughter again tonight. I have no desire to get sick. I can't stand the thought of getting the stomach bug.

I hope that all of you are staying well. May God richly bless you as you strife to live your life for him.

God Bless
The Fuller

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