Friday, January 8, 2010

Just A Dusting Of Snow, But still BRRRRR

Well, we didn't get as much snow as we had hoped. We got just a dusting as you can see.
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But none the less my daughter was excited just because it SNOWED. We don't get snow here in Alabama and when we do, you can bet everyone is beside themselves. The schools were closed cause we southern don't drive to good on the snow. And beside who doesn't like to stay home from school on a snowey day and play.

Our Dog Beauty didn' seem to mine the snow at all. I thougth she looks so pretty laying in it. She is solid black, except for just a little touch of white underneath her chin. Even her eyes are nearly black. WE just love her to pieces. We have had her for over 13 years and she is just a wonderful dog.
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Tonight it suppose to get down to 8 degrees. I think I will just keep my toes under the covers where it is warm. I don't have to work tomorrow and so I think I will stay in and finish reading my book. I hope where ever you are that you are staying toasty warm.

My you live you life for God and reading his word everyday.
God Bless

The Fullers

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