Friday, December 31, 2010

1 year old today

Wow, This blog is one Year old today. I can't believe it. It just doesn't seem that long ago. I have enjoyed blogging. I hope that the year 2011 is a wonderful year for blogging and for getting more people to my site.

  I;m not sure about your plans for ringing in the New Year but the Fuller Household don't have big plans this year. We are going to spend a quiet night at home with some friends and play games. Should be lots of fun. I am looking forward to it. Altho, as I am typing this my house is a big mess. I haven't picked up one thing today. I have managed to wash 2 loads of clothes and that is it.

We have taken all the Christmas Decoration down from outside and stored them away. We have a sweet puppy in our back year that just loves to chew up everything so we got out there and picked up our back yard , but other than that, nothing else has been done. No beds have been made, the dishes haven't been cleansed, the living room is a wrecked. And worse of all I need a NAP, bad,lolo. I am so sleepy I can't keep my eyes open.

So the plan is to take a hour long nap then get up and get my daugher and hubby to help with the cleaning and then fix something to eat before my friends get there then sit back and enjoy their company.

I hope that each and everyone one of you have had a Bless and wonderful 2010. May God richly bless you  in 2011. I hope that you will seek his word and live your life every day for him. Read his word every day and Live by it and you will be bless.

One of my New Year Resolution is to read his word each and every day.

Happy New Year
The Fullers

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ice Skating and The Movies

Today is going to be a fun filled day. I am taking my beautiful daughter  and one of her best friends Ice Skating and to see the Movie Tangled.

I can't wait, I think I want to see the move just as bad as they do. I am a big kid at heart,lolo. the commercials look so cute for that movie and as soon as I seen it I told my husband that I wanted to see it.  So today is my chance.

Will I be Ice Skating, NO NO NO, lolo. I am afraid, that I would break ever bone in my body if I even put one ice skate on. But I so enjoy watching them skate. Even tho my daughter can't really skate that good. She enjoys it.

I hope that your enjoy every minute of the last days of 2010.

God Bless
 The Fullers

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Spending Time with Friends

I love spending time with friends. It does my heart good. I am off work this week so I  called up one of my best friends and we are meeting for lunch today at Panera Bread. I like their sandwiches. I have eating there maybe 2 or 3 times since they open up a store here. 

Then we are heading to Old Time Pottery. Love that store. I think I could shop in there all day. That is if I hadn't just run out of money because of the holidays. But it is always fun to go and look at all the wonderful goodies that they have. You can find some wonderful bargains in there if you just look.

I hope your having a wonderful week. Can you believe that is it is the very last week of this year. Just crazy I tell ya. 2011 will be here before you can blink your eyes.

God Bless
 The Fullers

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Just wanted to Wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. We woke up this morning to a  White Christmas. It is just Beautiful.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Past

When I was a little girl , I just loved christmas time. I use to think it would never arrive. My mom and Dad didn't have alot of money but they had more Love than you could ask for.

My brother would go out in the wood and cut down our christmas tree every year. It would be the most beautiful tree that I ever did  see. He would bring it back and we would hunt up a bucket and lots of rocks and we would help him put it in there. Then we would water it and bring it in the house.

Then came the decorating. But from some reason I can't remember decorating the tree. I do remember that we had a record that had christmas songs on it and a old record player that we would put the record on and listen to the christmas song. We loved those songs. A few years ago I mention that old record and told my Mom that I wanted that then my sisters and Brother piped up and Said NO, they wanted it,lolo. So to this day my Mom still has it. Not sure who will end up with it. But those where the days, I tell ya. Memories, Love them

We didn't have stocking either to hang up. So mom and dad would put oranges and apples and nuts and a candy cane in a pile on our couch for each of us kids. There was 4 of us total 3 girls and 1 boy. We loved it. I think we would go that our pile of fruit before we open any christmas presents.

We would go to my Grandmothers on Christmas Eve every year and eat supper and that is when "Santa "would come. So when we got home we would open our presents from "Santa". After my Grandmother passed away that traditon stopped and Christmas was never the same after that.

We always get together with my family on Christmas eve. I remember the first year that my husband and I were married. We spent the night at my parents house on Christmas Eve and when we got up it has snowed. ( You see we don't get much snow here in Al). It was just beautiful. We still talk about that now, how pretty it was on our first christmas together as a married couple.

Tonight I am sure you will be spend time with family and friends. I hope that your making lots of wonderful memories . May God richly bless you in the new year. I hope that you will live your life for him each and every day. You will truly be blessed for it.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
The Fullers

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Gingerbread Houses

Well we got our Gingerbread houses made this evening. We had a wonderful time together. Lots of laugh. It was a bittersweet time together to. My dear sweet friend just lost her dad last week. He was such a sweet man. A very faithful Christian man. I look forward to seeing him again some day. She was blessed to be able to keep him at her house his last few days and be with him. Those are memories that she will never ever forget.

My thougths and prayers are with everyone that is hurting this Holiday Season. My God wrap his love around you and give you his comfort and peace that you need. I hope that you will seek his love and live for him each and every day.

My friend and I and my daughter and her adopted daughter had a wonderful time this evening. I love doing this each Christmas season. Altho I have to tell you on the way home our houses fell apart. It was so funny. My daughter and I were talking and she looked back in the back seat and the Gingerbread houses were  in pieces,lolo. It was hilirous. She sent a pic to her friend that we made the houses with and said there was a  Gingerbread earthquake on our way home,lolo.

Anyway here are a few pic I wanted to share. Hope you are having a wonderful evening. I know that I am looking forward to my time off from work. I get the next 10 day off  and I am going to hopefully enjoy every minute of it.

This is Lara's Gingerbread house that she is working on. 

My dear sweet friend Lara

Her Beautiful Daughter Brianna

My Beautiful Daughter Maleah

Two Goofy Girls with Icing on their hands.

Have to share about the glasses they were wearing. They went to see the movie about Yogi Bear today and it was in 3D so they kept the glasses, lolo and I told them they need to wear them all the time, that the boys sure wouldn't loook at them with them glasses on.

God Bless
 The Fullers

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


It is a mad house out there. Trying to fight those shopping crowds. I say every year that I am not going to wait to the last minute but alas I have done it again.  What is a working lady to do but tighting her belt and get it done.lolo

I have fought those crowds for the last 3 days . I get off of work and head out and I can only stand it for a hour or two then I head home. Telling myself that this is it, I will not be back out tomorrow in this mad house, but I always think of something else that I forgot and So guess what, I am afraid that tomorrow after work I will have to hit the mall again.

That is after I get thru making Gingerbread houses again. I am so excited. It is a tradition with one of my good friends , that we get together every year and we make Gingerbread houses. We just have a good time. Can't wait to share pics.

I hope you have your family are enjoying the Holidays.

God Bless
The Fullers

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Is Almost Here

Can you say that your finish. Is all the present Wrapped an under the tree. Is all the holiday baking done. In my house the answer is NO NO NO. The  shopping isn't done, The baking isn't finish and the gift are not wrapped and under the tree.

I am so behind this holiday season. The last few days I have been no sick. Yesterday I was in bed all day and it only put me so much more behind. These last few day has just been misable. I think my gallbladder is acting up. Just what I need here at Christmas time.

Sorry about the whining. It is just that I need a few little Elfs to come and finish everything that needs to be done cause this lady just doesn't feel like doing it.

Ok on a brighter note,lolo. My daughter and I made A Gingerbread Village today. I just couldn't say No to those beautiful eyes when she aske me to make it with her today. And it is our Tradition to make Gingerbread Houses every year and I LOVE IT, every minute of it. I even promise to find the time to make out own Gingerbread House and bake it ourself. These were just premade and we decorated them ourself.
I think they turned out great and that she did and excellent job on hers. Great job Maleah. I had a wonderful time sweetheart. 

Ok, please say a pray that this gal gets to feeling better and can get everything done before Christmas gets here.

I hope that you and yours are enjoy every minute of this holiday season and that your making lots and lots of wonderful memories with your precious loved ones.

God Bless
 The Fullers

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Decor

Thougth I would share a few pic of our christmas decor with ya. I didn't get around to taking to many pics. But I hope you enjoy the ones I did.

I just love this Santa. He is so old timey looking. I put him in a platter and filled it with red and gold christmas balls.

Just so sweet and simple. I found this little bucket at Target and just knew that I had to have it. It has a Santa face etched in it. I put this sweet little tree and added burgundy berries on the tree. Just simple and sweet.

I love this pictures of Santa. It is hanging in my Dining Room.

An arrangement with a large Silver Christmas Ball. I couldn't get a better picture of it. My camera just was acting up tonight. But it has berries and little silver bells on top with greenery around the bells.

Our Christmas Tree. Simple but so pretty when the lights are on. My son and his girlfriend and my daughter did the decorating this year and I just love it. It has red and gold balls on the tree with Red ribbon running thru the tree. Just love it. Great job Brex and Hannah and  Maleah. Love ya.

My favorite. I Just love Snowmen. These have been out all year long. I just smile everytime I loook at them. I am hoping to go back and get more. I just love them.

Well that concludes all my christmas pic for this year. I hope that you have enjoy what I have shared. I hope that your staying warm so far this December. It has been chilly here. Brrrr. This morning it was in the 20's and will be that again in the morning. The weather guy said Snow Sunday. WHAT, I don't want snow.  I am so ready for summer time again,lolo.

Have a wonderful week this week and my God richly bless you.

The Fullers

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Wow, can you believe that December will be here tomorrow. Have you finish your shopping yet. Me, No I have not. I wish I could say that I have but I can't. My goal was to finish by Thanksgiving but it didnt' happen.

My son finally gave me his christmas list last night. It is hard shopping for a 19 year old so I needed that list,lolo. We finally got around to putting up our tree Sunday night. Now to keep our sweet cat out of it. I caught her  in there this evening trying to eat the ribbon. uugggh.

 I hope everyone is staying dry today. It started raining here yesterday and it hasn't stopped. We have a little lake in our front yard, no joke.

Have a wonderful rest of the week.
God Bless
 The Fullers

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Attended Craft Show Today

This Weekend we attended a craft show. My husband and mother attend the show with me. We left out around 8:30 in the morning and arrived around 10:30am. Not that long of a drive. Well needless to say we like to have never found a parking space. It was packed.

Then we get inside and it was the same way. Unbelieveable. It was so packed it was awlful. I got frustrated as soon as I walked in the door. We just got walked in the door good and was already getting runned over and elbowed. I wanted to turn around and walk out but I had payed for a ticket to get in and I wasn't about to walk out.

We walking 4 exhibit Halls I believe or it may have been more and I bet you there was well over 4 or 5000 people there. NO KIDDING. The exhibit halls are Not that big either, that is why it was so awlful to try and get around. You couldn't even get up to the booth most of the times to see what people had for sale.

AND ANOTHER THING THAT GRIPES ME, is people with strollers and those crazy carts. If we got hit and run over by strollers and carts one more time all 3 of us was going to turn around and bless someone out. I promise you we were constantly been hit by a stroller or a elbow or a cart that someone was pulling around.  This one lady hit my husband 8 times before he could get out of her way.

So Needless to say I WILL NOT BE GOING TO ANOTHER CRAFT SHOW again for along time.lololo.   I will just enjoy my peaceful Saturday at home.

I hope that your Saturday has been more peaceful and relaxed than mine.

The Fullers

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Honoring our Veterans

Tomorrow is a very special day. We all get the chance to tell those that Have served and those that are serving our Country how very Thankful we are for them. I hope that you will seek out those Veterans in your town and tell them how very proud  you are of them and and how thankful you are for your freedoms.  May God richly bless the lives of the families of the soliders that have lost their lives defending our Country.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


I love sweaters. They are my favorite thing to wear in the winter time. I went shopping today with my daughter and  what did we buy, sweaters. These are from Old Navy and I love them.

I hope that your enjoying your weekend.

The Fullers
God Bless

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trunk or Treat

I love Trunk or Treat. I love to see all the little kids and their precious costumes. They are just to to cute.

Tonight was our Trunk or Treat at church and we had a good time. There were lots of food and games and a hunted maze and hayrides. AND THEN IT WAS TRUNK OR TREAT TIME. Let the fun begin.

We always decorate up the back of our vehicle each year and this year we didn't get to do to much, but I had to show you the Ghost boy that we came up with. We made him in about 45 minutes. And everyone loved him, they thought he was real, lolololo. I think we all laughed until we cryed.

While we were eating and playing game, hubby sit him at the back of the truck and it looked like he was looking in the truck. Well several people thougth that he was real and thought something was wrong with him, lolo. One boy kept telling his girlfriend that kid over there keeps staring at me,lolo. The girlfriend said that he said that several time to her and she finally told him to go over there and ask him what is his problem,(lolololo). So finally someone told him that it wasn't real, it was fake,hehe.

Now we will have to make him a friend for next year,hehe.
I hope that you guy have a safe and Happy Halloween.

God Bless
The Fullers

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Well the weekend is almost here and I am glad. This week has been stressful to say the least. Having a teenager in the house can be stressful at times.  And to say that this week has been stressful is an understatement.

I know it is hard beening a teenager these days and it is hard raising teenagers these day to. Lots of prayers and lots of patiences is due.

This weekend there is a Storytelling Festival that is in the next town over. I can't wait to go. There is several storyteller that I want to hear. I understand that it is suppose to be a great festival to go to.

I am enjoying this beautiful fall foliage. I hope that you are to. It is just gorgeous.

Hope that you have a wonderful weekend .

God Bless
The Fullers

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Caramel Apples YUUUUMMMY

I am so excited. I made Caramel Apples today with my daughter for the first time every. I mean I made them with my mother when I was a little girl. But as far as with  help from another adult(lolo) I went it all along. I am so proud of myself. Tell me what you think.

They were so easy to do. I of course had to get some insturction off of the internet. But other than that it was really easy to to.
I used Granny smith Apples and then used the carmel that you wrap around the apple and put in the oven and melt for 5 minutes. Then take out and cool in the refrigerator.

I then melted my candy chocolate and then dip the apple in it then rolled then in my favorite topping then used the white chocolate to drizzed over the top of everything. So easy and they smell so GGGGOOOOOODDDD. The perfect fall goody to eat.

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful Sunday and enjoyed your weekend.

God Bless
The Fullers

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Going Camping

Well, I can't wait. We are headed camping soon and I am so excited. The weather has just been beautiful and the trees are turning a gorgeous color. I love to take pictures of beautiful scenery.

 I love love love this time of year. Not to hot and Not to cold. It has been awhile since we last went camping and I am itching to get back out there. Were not going far , but it is a beautiful place to go and I  can't wait.

I have been watching the rescue of the miners and it is just so emotional. I am thinking God that everyone has come out Healthy and alive. I know their families are all so thankful as well.

I hope that everyone of you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy every minute of it. 

God Bless
 The Fullers

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Beautiful Weekend

I absolutely love this weather. It is just beautiful and perfect. I love fall. Fall and Summer are my favorite seasons.

Today has been a cleaning and resting sort of day. My son has some of his friends from church coming over to watch the Alabama and Florida football game tonight. So I have been cleaning and cooking. I love it when they come over. They are such fun and well behaved group of kids.

Next week is going to be  a busy week. I hope that all of you are having a super weekend and a wonderful week next week.

God Bless
 The Fullers

Friday, September 24, 2010

Long Week

Well, This has been a long week . Sorry this post sounds like a whine. We got up Sunday morning and hubby left side of his face was swollen bad. He didn't have a tooth ache or nothing. We wasn't sure what was going on. We knew that he has a few bad teeth that needed fixing and he was going to have them fix next month. But they had a different time line.haha. He got up Monday morning and he was swollen so bad his left eye was shut. So off to the dentist he goes.

He was told that he has several teeth that had abcess. UUuggh. So he went to a Oral Surgeon and we were scheduled to go back Thursday for Surgery. So here it is Friday and he is doing good. Had his teeth removed and he did great during the surgery and after. I was so worried about him, I can't stand to see my sweet hubby in pain. He goes back in two weeks to have his partial made . I am glad that he is on the road to recovery.

I hope next week goes alot better and no one has to go to the dentist,lolo.

Have a great weekend.

The Fuller
God Bless

Friday, September 17, 2010

Our Weekend Trip

Last weekend we went to Camp Ney-A-Ti with our youth group from church. We had an awesome time. These kids are just an awesome group of kids. I just love them to pieces. We had some outstanding lessons from Gods word and then we broke off and went into smaller groups for more lessons from Gods word. It was just an awesome weekend. I wanted to share a few pictues with you.

I hope you enjoy and hope you have a wonderful weekend.
The Fullers
God Bless

The last picture was taking Sunday morning. We all got up at 5am for sunrise services. It was an awesome scenery. It was so beautiful to see Gods beautiful handiwork.

Pictures of my Fall Decor

Well I finally got around to taking pictures of some of my fall decor. I could not, well would not take full pictures cause my house is not fully clean, lolo. I have been home sick these last 2 days and just haven't felt like picking up and cleaning like I should. So I just snap some close up pics for ya.  Hope you enjoy.

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather. I know I have enjoyed every minute of it. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

The Fullers
God Bless

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Our Nightly Vistor

I just had to show you a picture of our nightly vistor that keeps returning.
He is so so cute and so tiny. We have seen him every night on our french doors for the last 3 weeks or longer.

The other night I was our in our back yard and was cleaning up our puppys kennel and getting it ready for the night and didn't realize it but the sweet little frog had hopped on the kennnel for a ride.lolo.  I didn't know it until we got into the garage and I was putting newpaper down incase the puppy had an accident and I looked up and there were these big eye looking at me,well they were big to me,hehe. Anyway, I hope he hangs around for awhile. Cause my daughter and I have got use to seeing him everynight and we kind of enjoy looking at him.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Fall is in the Air

Fall is in the Air

I love fall. Spring and Fall are my favorite time of the year. I just wish that it would last longer. I saw this clipart that is above and just love it , so I had to share.

 I have been decorating my house with all my fall decoration and I love it. I went to Hobby Lobby the other night and they had their  fall decor at 50% off and so I just had to add to my collection. I love pumpkins and gourds and scarecrows.

We are headed up to a camp with our church youth group next weekend and I am looking forward to it. It is such a beautiful spot and so peaceful. The weather hopefully will be perfect and there is a lake right by the camp and we have nightly devotion by the lake at night.

My sisters and Mother are planning another girls night out. I can't wait. We are going to do alot of eating and make some fall craft and do alot of talking and laughing. I hopefully will have some picture to post.

I hope to get some of my fall decor posted soon.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week and hope that your having wonderful fall weather.

God Bless
The Fullers

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Happy Birthday To My Daughter and To My Son

A Big Shout Out to Two of the most important people in my life, my daughter and my son. Tomorrow is my daughters 12th birthday. I just can't believe it. My precious beautiful little girl is growing up before my very eyes.  My very handsome son birthday is Friday. I can't believe he will be 19 years old. Where has the time gone. We are so very proud of him. He started college the other day and also working part time to. We are so very proud of him and of my daughter to.

Both are wonderful christians and we couldn't ask for better kids. WE love you both and hope that you both have a very Happy Birthday.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Finally Pictures for you

I have finally got around to downloading my pictures from last friday night. We had a blast. Let me encourage you to find the time to get together with your mother and sister or brothers and make some wonderful memories.

We laughed and cryed together. We cryed cause we were laughing so hard,lolo. So here are a few pictures I wanted to share with you.

We painted christmas ornaments together. They were very simple to do but they were fun and we did it together. I purchased them at a local craft store . They were on sale, orginally they were $.99cent but they were 50% off so I got them for .49 cents . I love a bargain, haha.
My beautiful family

Love that Purple
Watch me paint

We also played lots of board games and tryed to out beat each other. I think we had a hard time playing for laughing at each other. O what a night. We plan on getting together again the first of Sept. We are going Camping for 2 night. Can you just see 7 ladies and 2 girls living it up at the camp grounds. haha.
Watch me roll

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

God Bless
The Fullers

Monday, August 9, 2010

Some Days I wonder

We had a wonderful weekend with my mom and sisters spending the night. We laughed and I think even cryed some, haha. I just wished that I could take that laughter on into the week with me. Sometime life gets to hard to handle and I wish I could crawl under a rock and not come out for  long time.

Sometimes I wish I had a small little house tucked away somewhere that only I knew about and I could go there and just have alot of me time. I really need it right now. I think I have prayed more these last few weeks and days than I have even prayed in my life. Life is just rough right now.

The Fullers

Friday, August 6, 2010

Ladies Sleep Over

I am excited about tonight. I am having a sleepover. I know that sounds strange for this age haha. But I am having my Mother, My 2 sisters  and my neice over for a sleepover. Well I say sleepover. Not sure we will get much sleep. I plan on talking tons and eating lots and making lots of wonderful memories. I try to do this every year and I love it.

My kids are at church camp and so this gives me bed space, or space for everyone to sleep and so I take full advantage of it,haha.

We are having Stuffed potatoes with turkey, and lemon cake. Yummmy.

I will hopefully have some pictures to post tomorrow. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

God Bless
The Fullers

Friday, July 16, 2010

O to be young Again

My daughter is having 2 of her best friend from church over to spend the night. They are having the best time, laughing and talking and telling girl secrets. I remember when I was that young and I would have spend the night party with my friends. I loved every minute of it. It makes me wish that I could just jump right in there with them, haha.

 But she doesn't want mom around , mom is old to her,haha. I'm not cool or hip I guess you could say. I love it when I hear  them laughing and running down the hall way.  I am glad that she is having so much fun and making wonderful memories.

I have wonderful memories with my best friends from school. I still remember the nights we stayed awake at night and told stories of the boys we were going to date and the one we were going to marry.haha.

O to be young again.lolo

I hope you are making  wonderful memories with your children or grand childrens that you can look back on one day and laugh or smile about.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

God bless
 The Fullers

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Busy Iittle Bee

Today has been a very busy day. We got up early this morning and headed to the farmers market. Got  5 dozen ears of corn and some tomatoes. So we have been shucking and scraping and cooking corn today.

I had 14 quarts of corn to put in the freezer today. 3 weeks ago we went and got 5 dozen of field corn and 5 dozen of sweet corn and put that up. We love corn in the winter time. You just can't been it.

I cant wait till my okra comes in out of my garden and I get to put some of that up as well. I love garden food. Okra and squash and corn and tomatoes are my favorite and cucumbers. I love butter beans to. I planted 3 rolls and waiting for them to get ready to pick to. Yumm,   Yummm.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week next week and try to stay cool.

 God Bless
 The Fullers

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July America. I hope that each and everyone of you will remember why we celebrate the freedoms we are able to have. Please think of all the men and women that gave there lives for those freedoms that we enjoy every day. My God richly bless there families.

My family and I are on vacation and enjoy the time to relax. I just wish that it would last longer.

I hope everyone of you have a wonderful week this week and a very safe holiday.

 The Fuller

God Bless

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Another Post and some Changes

I didn' want to put this post on my other post of Fathers day. I hope that I am finally back to posting again. Tomorrow is suppose to be my daughters final softball game for this season. It is tournaments and they have been trying to finish these up but it has rain so much here that we have had  3 games delayed because of Rain. We tryed to play yesterday but got 45 minutes in and it came a downpour and lighting horrible. We all got soaked just trying to get to the car. It was lighting and we were all scared we were going to get hit by lighting. There were about 250 or more people there at the park. So tomorrow they say is the day to finish these up, meaning that we may be there till 1am.

We are heading for vacation soon. YIPPPPPEEEEEE. I can't wait. I need the time away and My mom is going with us and I can't wait to spend time with her.

My son graduated from High School at the end of May and I am so very proud of him. He is registered to go to our local collage for 2 years than he will move on up to our best state College. His goal is to go to Engineering School. We are so very proud of him and know that he can accomplish anything he puts his mind to.

My daughter Made Junior Varsity Softball team at school in May. We are so proud of her . She only got to try out for one day , it was  a 2 day try out. We just knew that she wouldn't make it cause she didn't get to go that first day and that is the day they did most of the testing to see if you could make the team. But  she went the 2nd day anyway to give it a shot and I am so proud that she did. I sit on the bleachers and watched her and she did wonderful. Bless her heart, my daughter is a small person, not tall at all, I think she was the shortest on the team that day but she hit every ball but one that came her way and she caught every ball that was hit to her in the outfit and did great playing infield. (I know I am partial, being the mom) but she made the team and was so excited and so was the girls that was her age that was cheering up on.

Mom and Dad are very proud parents. We love our kids and excited about what the next year hold in store for them.

I look forward to posting more and I hope that you will have a blest night and a wonderful week.

I am home tonight from church with a stomach bug. Came down with it Friday evening and it is still hanging around. Hope it is gone by in the morning.

God Bless
 The Fullers

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to all the wonderful dads out there. I have to say that I didn't have the best dad growing up. My dad is still alive but I don't have anything to do with him if I can help it. By that I mean, if he is around I will speak, but I do not go out of my way to be nice to him.

I have the most amazing MOM in the world to put up with my dad and I love her more and more every day. She deserves so much better than what she got. I have told her that a million times and so have my brother and sisters.

If you have a  wonderful and amazing Dad, be very very thankful. Let him know how much he means to you.

I am also very thankful for the amazing Husband that I have in my life. He is a wonderful and a loving father to our kids. He is always there for them and support them in what ever they choose to do. We have 2 wonderful christian kids and it is all because of  the wonderful  christian example that their dad is. He is a wonderful christian man and I am so thankful that I have him in my life.

Hope that everyone has a wonderful week and may God richly bless you this week. I encourage you to read daily from his word and live your life for him.

The Fuller

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A change and update

Finally time for a new look. I am still working on it but hopefully this will be pretty for now.

Time is still getting away from me. Not sure I will ever get caught up. My son graduates next week from high school. I dread it. We have had a celebration at church for all the seniors and I cryed the whole time. The hardest was the letter that we had to write to our son or daughter that was graduating. Wow, before it was over with my husband and daughter was all crying.

I dont know how we will be able to stand it the night of graduation.I guess lots of tissues.

Softball is still in full swing and all the time, but I LOVE IT. I love supporting my daughter and watching her practice. I am so proud of both of my kids. I love them very very much.

I hope that your have a wonderful week. Summer will be here before you know it.

We are hoping that we have enough time this weekend and do a little painting on our house and some landscaping done. I have found some ideas on how I want to decorate my porch. If we ever get around to getting all of this done I will be sure and post pics for you to see.

Have a wonderful week.

God Bless
The Fullers

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

Sorry that it has been awhile since I have updated. It seems all I do is run, run, run. I leave in the morning, get home around 3:15 and cook supper out the door for softball practice back home around 9pm  then shower and go to bed. We do this every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Wednesday is Church Night. Today is the first Saturday we have been able to stay at home and it has been wonderful

We were to have a Fun day softball game but due to all the bad weather in this area it was cancel. We have been lucky so far and just gotten alot of rain. We needed it to wash all of this pollen away.

 I hope that you are staying safe where every your at today. My God richly bless you this week.

God Bless
The Fullers

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Teenagers Are So Hard to Raise

It is hard having a teenager in the house. I love him very much but some days I wish I could crawl under a rock and stay there for a few hours. I wonder does it every get any easier. Do they every get to the point that they understand what where trying to teach them.  I sure hope so.  If you have a teenager and you have trying times, please let me know, I know I am not in this alone.

God Bless
 The Fullers

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Softball in full swing

Well Softball is in full swing. This is my daughter second year to play and we are running every evening. This weekend is the first weekend to have a game. It is at 9am and I am a little upset at that, haha. I like to sleep in on Saturdays. It is the only day I get to sleep in.

We have to be there at 8:30am for her to get warmed up with the other members of the team. I guess it just means that A nap is in order for when I get home lolololo.

So the warmer weather is here and I LOVE IT. It has been so pretty outside. My son get out there yesterday and plowed up our garden. I can't wait to get it all planted. WE have to till it up and make it all nice and smooth and even before we can get in there and plant, but I am so excited. I LOVE my garden food.

We are going this weekend and buy some nice summer clothes, can't wait. Some flip flops and some knee pants and shorts that come to our knees. I can't wait and my daughter is all excited. Now my son on the other hand could care less, haha. He is a boy and just give him a pair of pants and shirt and he is fine, but now my daughter she could shop all day.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week and enjoying this gorgeous weather.

God Bless
 The Fullers

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Remembering A Friend

I am part of a craft board online. I use to have a website for several years where I sold crafts that I made so I joined a craft board. There are lots of ladies on this craft board. We talk nearly everday online about everything.  I no longer do my crafts since I have a job outside of home. But I am still on this craft board. I have gotten close to some of these ladies. I have been on this board for several years.

I learn yesterday that one of the ladies that was on the board was killed(murdered) by her husband.  I am still in shock. I just can't believe it. I didn't know her personally, but remember reading her post on the board. I remember when she post the pictures of her wedding pictures. They were married in 2002.  She was going to nursing school and thrilled that she finally got the chance.

Words can't describe how I feel about her husband. I personally feel that the same thing need to be done to him what he did to her. That if he gets life in prison that it isn't good enough for him, cause he lives and she didn't get to .  I am so angry right now. 

We on the craft board are doing special things to remember her by. I am posting her picture here as a memorial to her. She was a very sweet lady. Rest In peace Retha.
Image Hosting by
God Bless
The Fullers

Friday, March 26, 2010

A Day Off

Well Got Today off but the down side is I have to work tomorrow. I like my Saturdays off. We are putting on a puppet play in the childrens department tomorrow at our local library where I work, and I have a part in the play. So today is cleaning day for me at home. I would really like to be lazy and curled up and reading a good book but alas I have to get this house cleaned.

 Loads and Loads of laundry.  But it will all get done in due time. I commented the other day to my hubby that I really needed a maid, and he said what for, when you got me and 2 kids. Haha. My hubby and 2 kids seem to overlook the dust bunnys and the loads of laundry in the floor and the shoes laying everywhere and the tubs that needs cleaning and the floors that need sweeping and the furniture that needs polishing and the beds that need making and so on and so on. Now don't get me wrong, hubby does Cook, he loves to cook, but cleaning is not up his alley.

Wanted to share a pic of our beautiful cat Callie. She is so lazy, what a life to live, know that you have nothing to worry about and that your loved. She has found her favorite pillow. Haha
Image Hosting by

Hope you have a wonderful day. I am off to clean some more.

God Bless
The Fullers

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Wonderful Weekend

Wow, how the weekend flies by. We had a  wonderful weekend getaway. We headed up to Nashville Tenn for the weekend. We enjoyed out stay at the Hyatt Hotel, the staff was very friendly and the hotel was nice.

We headed over to Opry Mills to do a little shopping for our kids and to look around. We  went out to eat at some nice places. Saturday we headed over to   Fort Nashborough. It was a neat place to see .
Image Hosting by

It was downtown and a very neat place to see. Like I said it was down town and this country girl has never been in a city down town. I was thrilled beyond believe to see all of the big beautiful buildings. They were super tall and lots of them. I couldn't believe it. I could of stayed just to see all of the many business that were there. I loved it.

We also went to the CoolSpring Galleria in Franklin Tenn, WOW, we walked forever there were so many shops there.

We had a wonderful time. It was a wonderful trip. We visited with Mikes parents this morning and went to church where they attend. Then they treated us to Dinner at a wonderful place. Then went and visited with them for about 2 hours.

All in all our weekend was Great.I have to give a wonderful shout out to my Glorious and beautiful Mother. She stayed with our kids and I couldn't of enjoyed this trip if I didn't know that my kids were beening taking care of. She took excellent care of them and they enjoyed every minute of it. They love her so much and look forward to her coming up and staying with them every time she comes. She spoiled them rotten.  LOVE YOU MOM.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week.

God Bless
 The Fullers

Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Me

Well yesterday  was our 21st wedding anniversary.Hubby sent me a dozen of yellow roses. They are just beautiful.
Image Hosting by
Last year he sent me 20 Long Stem Red Roses for our 20th Anniversay. I have an amazing husband. I love him more everyday. We are heading out of town for a weekend getaway. My parents are coming to stay with the kids. Altho my daughter is really the only one that need babysitting. 

I also had a birthday the 10th of this month. Wow, March is a busy month for me, haha.  Mike and the kids got me a beautiful cake.
 Image Hosting by
It was yuummmy. They took me to my favorite place to eat for supper. Then my parents had a birthday supper for me with all my sisters and brother there. It was a wonderful birthday.

I wanted to show you this picture, I think it is just beautiful. One of God beautiful handywork. It had rained here the other day and we were coming home from picking my daughter up from school and this beautiful rainbow was in the sky.
Image Hosting by
Another one up a little closer
Image Hosting by
We truly serve and amazing God. His beauty surrounds us everyday. I hope that each and every one of you will take a few moments to see it and  to say a pray of Thanks.

God Bless and have a wonderful weekend.
 The Fullers

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Well as you can see by my title today, I am sick with a headache. I forgot to get my migrane medicine refilled saturday. Uggggghhh, I hate when I do that. It really throws me for a loop even when I missed it one day. The meds also helps me with the inner ear trouble that plagues me. I also get dizzy when I don't take my meds.

I think I am going to have to tie a string around my finger to remember things.

I have started taking a complete vitamin today. I really hope it helps with my lack of energy. I started taking ST. John's Wort vitamin to. I am hoping it will help my mood. Here lately I find myself feeling depressed alot and I don't like that feeling at all.  Do any of you take a vitamin and what is it. Does it help you have more energy. What about feeling a little depressed. What do you do for that.

I hope everyone of you are having a wonderful Sunday. I missed church today because of my headache, so off to read in my  bible and do some studying of Gods word.  Have a great week.

God Bless
 The Fullers

Monday, March 8, 2010

Softball has started

Well, it is softball season. This is my beautiful daughters second year. Last year she did super. She had to learn all the ropes of playing and all the rules but did a fantastic job. Tonight was the first practice and she caught 3 pop ups. She hit a home run when it came her time to hit. We are so proud of her.

Be on the lookout for lots of pic of her playing cause I love to take pictures. Last year her team won the playoffs and she was given the game ball for being the first year player that was most improved all year. She is so excited about this year.

I will quit bragging now haha. I hope everyone has a wonderful week and if you have someone in your family that plays sports, I hope that you will go out and support them and let them know your proud of what they have accomplished.

God Bless
 The Fullers

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Where does the time go

Well Cyc has come and went and it was so Cold in Gatlinburg. We heard some really good speakers and some excellent singing. Wow, what will heaven be like when we all get there. I can't imaging.

We finally made it around 12:30am on Friday morning and then had to go to Wal-marts to pick up some food to have at the cabins.That made us getting into bed around 3:30am Friday morning. We did get to sleep in late, but we were still very tired that morning.

When we got there it was snow on the ground, it was so pretty. The kids really did enjoy every moment of the trip. This is a picture of all the young kids from our church that went. They are truly awesome.
Image Hosting by

We went up to Ober Gatlinburg on Friday and some of them Ice Skated and some of them Tubed down the hill of snow. It was so much fun. COLD but fun.

The best part about the trip was growing closer to God. We heard some excellent lessons and the singing was wonderful. I have one song stuck in my head all day today.


We got snow last night and nearly all day today. I can't believe it. When will spring get here, I am so ready for it. This picture is of our dog this morning laying in the snow. She is so pretty, she is solid black and looks so neat up against all that black snow. We got about 4 inches by the time it was all over with.
 Image Hosting by

I hope that you guys have a wonderful week this week and stay warm.  Believe it or not they are saying by this weekend it is suppose to be in the 60's here. Yippeeee.

God Bless
 The Fullers

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


It is almost here, I can't wait. If you don't know what I am talking about the link is to your right on my screen. It is a christian youth conference. This is my first year to go with our church and I am so excited.

Well I don't know about you guys but  I AM SICK OF WINTER. This weekend it was nearly 70 degrees and tomorrow, they are calling for snow flurries. Unreal. I am tired of cold weather. I wish the warm weather was here to stay for awhile.

Today I went to get my hair cut. Over the weekend I got my hair highlighted and it didn't turn out like I wanted it to. It came out more like bleached. UUUUGGGGH. So I went and had it chopped off at shoulder length. My hair was below shoulder length so it is a little different but I think I like it for now. Come morning when I have to fix it and it won't do what I want it to do, it will be a different story.

I hope everyones week is going good. Sorry I was all over the place with my posting. My mind is just wondering tonight.

God Bless
The Fullers

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Beautiful Saturday

It is a Gorgeous Day today. So what am I doing inside you say. Well, yes it is a gorgeous day and the sun is shining but it is still chilly outside. I can't wait until it hits the 70's and 80 degree weather and I can get outside and work in my yard.

Now I want to share some pictures with you of this week. Funny how a few days can change the weather.
  Image Hosting by
This was from 6 days ago and yes it was snowing here. I saw that tree across the road from our yard and just had to take that pic. I love it. Think it is so pretty.
Image Hosting by
This is our silly dog Beauty. Yes she was laying out in the snow getting covered in it. She is nothing but a fur ball herself. She has thick fur and she just loved the snow and  rolled and rolled in it, she loved it.
Image Hosting by
She has a very warm doghouse to get into, one that is heated with a heat lamp and has hay in it but she perfer to lay out in the snow, haha.

I can't wait for spring to get here, well really I can't wait for Summer, I am a summer person. Since I am a cold natured person I perfer Summer. 90 degree doesn't bother me one bit, I love it.

I hope that where ever you live that you are enjoying your Saturday and that your weather is nice.

God Bless
The Fullers

Monday, February 15, 2010


I just had to tell you about these Delicious Donuts. When I saw the recipe I had to try them. My downfall is Donuts. I LOVE donuts. I don't want jelly donuts, strawberry donuts, cranberry filled donuts, NO NO NO, All  I wants is just Plain Glazed Donuts. YUMMMMY.
Image Hosting by
The Recipe is from The Pioneer women blog,
O my they are delicious. Just delicious. So easy peasy to make. I hope you will check out her blog and give some of her recipes a try. This was my first one to try and I love it. Going to try the Spaghetti one next.

So what have you been doing Today, been baking or reading a good book.

The Fullers

Roses and Snow Day

Well hubby surprised me yesterday morning with some beautiful yellow Roses
Image Hosting by
Yellow Roses have always been my favorite color. Even when we were dating he would bring me yellow roses, just out of the blue. I love that man. He is so good to me. I couldn't find a better man no where to treat me any better than how he treat me. He treats me like a Queen every day.  I hope that you and your loved one had a wonderful Valentines day yesterday .

Now Today.

WE have Snow. WOW, I can't believe it. They were saying yesterday that we would be getting snow last night. I said yeah, I will believe it when I see it.  Well we get about and 1 1/2 inches.  I have tryed to get my camera to worked today and it will not. Not sure what it wrong with it but it will not take a good picture today. 

 Now I know to everyone that lives up North that and 1 1/2 in nothing to you but to us Sotherns it is alot, because we hardly ever get snow here, and when we do we are Thrilled. haha.

 The kids are out of school today and I am off work because of president days. I am enjoying my day off, being lazy and  enjoy the snow.  I hope that you have a wonderful week and stay safe and warm.

God Bless
 The Fullers 

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentines Day

Well I headed out today to do some shopping and pick up some Valentine goodies for my love one. I tell you town was packed. Every store we went to there was line after line of people. One store was even out of candy. I couldn't believe it.

I did manage to find just the right card and picked up some beautiful flower for my Mother for valentines day.
Image Hosting by
I hope that you have a wonderful Valentines day with your loved ones. We always get our kids some candy and a stuff animals and a cute card to tell them how much we love them.

If you have  someone special in your life, I hope you will let them know how much you love them.

Happy Valentines Day.
God Bless
 The Fullers